I dagens Hallandsposten kan ni läsa mer om tjejerna


Karis Watson är vår första import för säsongen 2017-18, som redan i maj var och tränade med oss. Karis är en mycket fysisk center som vi hoppas ska utvecklas mycket under årets säsong i Hylte/Halmstad. Hon kommer närmast från England där hon spelade och gjorde sin masters.

Who is Karis Watson?

– I grew up in a town called Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am 24 years old. I have a big family. I am the fifth of six children, four brothers and one sister. I also have 5 nieces and 2 nephews! I like to laugh and make people laugh. In my free time I like to travel, spend time with friends and family, draw occasionally, listen to music, and watch movies.

What is your volleyball background?
I started playing volleyball at age 14, played in high school, and went on to play at Clemson University from 2011-2015. After graduating I took a year off to work, then played for Tendring Volleyball Club in England for the 2016-2017 season


Why did you choose to sign with Hylte/Halmstad Volley?
I chose to sign with Hylte/ Halmstad Volley because I knew it was the best fit for me. It is a team that competes at a high level that will help me to become a stronger player! I like the championship  mentality that the players have and I know from several sources that the coaching is outstanding.


What are your goals for the season?
This season I want to technically develop in pretty much every aspect of my game, so that I can contribute to the success of my team as a whole. I want to be positive, encouraging, and push my teammates to be the best they can be so that we can have a successful season and ultimately win the championship in the spring!


What do you know about your new Team?
I can tell from my interactions with those I have met that my teammates are very welcoming, hard working, and seem to have a lot of chemistry off and on the court! 


What do you know about Sweden?
I don’t know much about Sweden at all so I look forward to being immersed into the culture! I know where Sweden is located, I know it’s cold, and I know Swedish people love their fika!


Welcome to the Team, Club, Halmstad and Sweden Karis!



Hej klubben behöver hjälp av härliga medlemmar i samband med beachtävlingarna i Tylöbäck/Tylösand. Det vi behöver är

Torsdag 20/7

kl 09-13 (1 person – NEVZA Ungdom)

kl 13-17 (2 personer – NEVZA Ungdom)

Lördag 22/7

kl 13-17 (3 personer – NEVZA Ungdom)

Fredag 28/7

kl 13-17 (3 personer – SBT Swedish Beach Tour)

Hör av er till eva.alberti@hyltevolley.se så snart som möjligt så löser vi detta.
Ha det gott i solen!

Nu är det klart att Hylte/Halmstads elitdamer tar över platsen i Öresundsligan efter Gislaveds VK, vilka tackat nej till fortsatt spel där.

Brøndby Volleybal klub skriver så här på deras sida på Facebook

Der bliver også kampe mod de svenske tophold i kommende sæson i øresundsligaen.

Gislaved Volleybollklubb deltager ikke i år, men det gør  Hylte/Halmstad Volley.
Det betyder at turneringen får deltagelse af Engleholm, Holte, Amager, Svedala, Hylte og Brøndby.
Vi ser frem mod disse kampe som betyder meget for udviklingen af holdets spillere.